About the magazine

Real Estate Guide is a 5,5×8,5 inches full color brochure with a solid glossy cover.

The guide encompasses information about residential complexes in Bavaro, Punta Cana and Cap Cana which offer apartments, condominiums and villas for rent. It includes a detailed description of properties, a price and contacts of real estate agencies working with such residential complexes.

The guide will also provide informative articles on law, finance and entertainment.

That`s why our guide will be interesting for a broad audience:

  • For everyone who is looking for real estate properties to permanently reside in the above mentioned places (foreigners, residents of other regions of the country and those planning to move houses inside this very region);
  • For everyone who is looking for temporary lodging (to pass a winter, have short-term or long-term holidays etc);
  • For those who is looking for lodging while working in the Dominican Republic (permanent or temporary work permit);
  • For all those who are interested in the real estate market of the Dominican Republic.

As the guide is edited in English, it can be read by the Dominicans as well as by foreigners. The descriptions of residential complexes are made in a legible and easy-to-understand style.

Broad and customer-targeted distribution of the guide and a large number of copies printed allow to bring the information over to all the readers who may be interested in it, thus collocating your advertisement in this guide you are certain to get a productive effect.

The largest part of the readers want to know not only about renting real estate, but also about the following topics:

  • How to equip their house and garden (furniture, utensils, electrical appliances etc);
  • How to carry out high-quality repairs (modern construction materials and technologies, companies providing repairs to the property and maintenance of the territory);
  • Where to inscribe their children (schools, activities, kindergartens);
  • Where to buy an insurance (firms, plans, terms and conditions);
  • Where to open a bank account;
  • Where to repair their car/motor scooter;
  • Where to undergo treatment (hospitals, dental cabinets, etc);
  • Where to go in for sports and beauty salons;
  • Where to rent a car;
  • Where to eat delicious food;
  • Where to have a good rest.

Why are we better than other advertisement and printed materials:

  • useful, easy-to-understand and unique content and broad distribution;
  • 100% customer-targeted and brought over right to your prospective customer (unlike brochures and advertising materials printed by the very company);
  • a large number of readers, thus one guide will be read by 3-5 people;
  • a reasonable price of advertisement, the minimum price is 30 dollars (collocating an information block in a classifying list);
  • a prolonged effect of the advertisement;
  • different formats of presenting advertising information – graphic advertisement, discount coupons, articles, interviews;
  • user-friendly collocation of information in the guide which includes:
  • maps of districts with location of businesses tagged,
  • near the map there is a list of businesses advertised, including contact information,
  • an option to collocate an additional information block or a discount coupon in a classifying list,
  • an additional general list of all the advertisers divided according to types of business,
  • a separate list of real estate agencies with all necessary contact information.

 All these options are available for our clients who collocate advertisement at a price begging from just 60 dollars (1/8 page).

– journalists, photographers, translators and designers of the guide are always available for our regular advertisers.

 If you want people to know about you, advertise yourself in our guide!

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